Grateful For You!

Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving... From A Distance

Out of sight, but definitely not out of mind. We're thinking of all of you as the holiday season approaches. Thanks to your involvement, energy and generosity, we've (almost!) made it through an incredibly challenging year with so much to be proud of. Here's a quick recap of 2020:

  • February: We met at the Highland City Club for our Annual Meeting, where we elected the Board of Directors and celebrated the contributions of Gretchen and Neil King, and Jancy Campbell to local preservation. The new Board held a strategic planning retreat and adopted a new mission and vision statement.

  • March: We took advantage of a cost-saving opportunity and transitioned to a virtual office...just in the nick of time, as luck would have it. We also oversaw an assessment of the Boulder Theater facade, as part of the ongoing management of a grant awarded by the State Historical Fund.

  • August: We met and exceeded our Board Match Fundraiser goal!

  • September: We raised enough funds to replace the educational plaque at the Hannah Barker House, which had been stolen in May.

  • October: We produced our first-ever virtual event, Meet the Spirits 2020. We exceeded ticket sale expectations! We also began the 2020 Easement Inspections, which is ongoing.

  • November: We helped Friends of Dushanbe take a big step closer to their goal - protecting both the exterior and interior of the Dushanbe Teahouse from future changes - by generating grassroots involvement on the issue. We also made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 edition of our Homes for the Holidays Tour in partnership with the Museum of Boulder, with plans for a springtime event in its place.

  • December: ...What can we accomplish together?

Fostering the spirit and promoting the benefits of preservation through education, advocacy, rehabilitation and celebration.

We hope you'll think of us this Colorado Gives Day,12/8.


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