Meet the Spirits 2020 - RERUN EDITION

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About the Event​


Meet the Spirits 2020 is a tour of Columbia Cemetery, as told by some of Boulder's most famous - and infamous - figures from its history. The spirit reenactment videos are available for viewing online, and the downloadable event program includes a map of the cemetery, so you can do a self-guided tour at Columbia anytime. 

Ticket Prices


Main Event

$10 members | $14 nonmembers


Main Event + Bonus Experiences

$16 members | $22 nonmembers


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The Main Event: Meet the Spirits at Columbia Cemetery


The pre-filmed reenactments will be available ticket holders through January 8th. The lineup includes several familiar faces, and some new ones as well, such as: 

  • Mary Rippon and Will Housel: a Professor, a student, and a forbidden love

  • Lew 'Indian Jack' Wallace: infamous character and prospector with a tragic end

  • William Casey and Eleanor Casey: the Superintendent of schools and his daughter, a Spanish Flu victim

  • David Nichols: the controversial early Boulder resident - was he a hero or a villain?

  • Harry Weaver: longtime sexton at Columbia Cemetery

  • Ellen Deardoff: your friendly neighborhood murderess and frequenter of mental institutions

  • Alice Morrison Baskett: prominent member of Boulder's Second Baptist Church and mother of jazz musician George Morrison

  • Neva Romero: Chicana student activist and car-bombing victim, one of Los Seis de Boulder


And more! 


Only one ticket is required per household, with the assumption that some households will have multiple viewers/attendees. 


Bonus Experiences: Interactive History Lessons

Attendees who choose the all-access ticket option will be able to view recordings of the live-streamed sessions with local historians weighing in on topics such as such as old-school burial rituals, Chicano activism in the 1970s and its deadly outcome, and the last epidemic to have a major impact on our town: the Spanish Flu.


Live-Streamed History Sessions

The interactive portion of the program featured history experts sharing lessons about Boulder’s past.

  • Saturday 10/17 at 5pm - Michael Dombrowski, researcher with University of Colorado Collections Management covered the Spanish Flu epidemic and how it compares to Covid-19 today.

    • Unfortunately, this recording is unavailable, but the presentation document is available to read.

  • Sunday 10/18 at 2pm - Mary Reilly McNellan, co-author of If These Stones Could Talk - Tales from Columbia Cemetery and green burial expert, presented on historical burial rituals and some of Columbia's hidden secrets.

  • Sunday 10/18 at 5pm - Nicole Esquibel, "Neva Romero: Jamas Olvidados" filmmaker and Chair of the School of Visual and Communication Arts at Avila University, discussed Neva Romero and Los Seis de Boulder. 





A Self-Guided / VirtualTour of Columbia Cemetery with Spirit Reenactments

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