Hannah Barker House Rehabilitation:

In 2011, Historic Boulder, Inc. (HBI) completed the 1st of 6 planned phases to stabilize & rehabilitate the Hannah Barker House (HBH).

Phase 1 Preservation in Action (pictures below)
Our first priority was critical bracing for the roof and walls....
....including temporary roofing to prevent further deterioration


...and site clean up.
We installed temporary electrical service and interior lights. 
Then we were ready for biohazard abatement:
While all of these exciting projects were happening on-site, our amazing Hannah Barker House Research Committee was conducting extensive historical research on Ezra and Hannah Barker, completing a project brochure and an on-site interpretive sign for education and fundraising. 

Our Education committee has partnered with the Whittier Elementary Historians to write an educational children's book about the young pioneer Hannah Barker in early Boulder that can be used for young visitors and in elementary schools. 
Check out some of the community-based fundraising events Hannah has hosted during Phase 1-
Open House May 18th, 2011 Celebrating the emergency stabilization of the Hannah Barker House
Ghost Walk Ghost Talk, October 22nd and 23rd, 2011

 Autism Society of Boulder County's Annual Halloween Party, October 29th, 2011

Phase 1 would not have been completed without the help of in-kind donations of professional services, donations
throughout the community, and over 1,300 hours of community volunteer time. Thank you!
On August 1, 2011 Historic Boulder was awarded at $130,000 grant from the State Historical Fund for Phase 2 rehabilitation work!!!  Thanks to these collaborative efforts Phase 2 is well under-way. 
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