About Historic Boulder

Historic Boulder was born following a battle to save precious pieces of Boulder's past. Highland School, the Union-Pacific Depot and Central School were all threatened with demolition in 1971. Historic Boulder, organized in 1972, was instrumental in saving Highland School (shown at left) and the depot. Sadly, Central School was demolished. Out of this experience rose the urgency for a legal mechanism to evaluate historic sites. In 1974 Boulder's Landmarks Preservation Ordinance was passed and, shortly after, the inventory of significant sites began. A county regulation allowing the landmarking of sites in Boulder County passed in 1992 and was the first regulation of its kind in Colorado.

Historic Boulder is proud of its role in creating historic districts, advocating for the landmarking of significant structures and exploring sites for future preservation. As the first permanent preservation organization in the city, Historic Boulder continues to champion the preservation of the physical reminders of Boulder’s heritage.

The creation of historic districts, the landmarking of significant structures and the exploration of sites for future preservation have been important elements of Historical Boulder’s program. Since 1971, the organization has helped save many important buildings, held hands-on renovation workshops and assisted in special restoration projects.Historic Boulder's accomplishments include the following projects in both the city and the county of Boulder:

  • The Hazel Barnes House
  • The Labrot House
  • Boulder Municipal Building
  • The Lund Cottage
  • Washington Elementary School
  • Casey Middle School
  • The Hannah Barker House
  • The Arnett-Fullen House
  • The Depot
  • Monteau-Geer Farm designation, stabilization, 2000
  • Stroh-Dickens Hall, 1997-98
  • Grants Hall, 1997-98
  • Grasso Project, Superior 1997-99, roof reconstruction, CHS grant, Jack Smith historian
  • Gold Hill, 1999, application for landmark designation St. James Chapel, 1996-98 (Gold Hill Historic Museum)
  • Sunshine School, 1999
  • Walker Ranch, 1998, silo and granary
  • Betasso, Boulder County, building restoration with county, 1997
  • Ward Post Office, 1996-98
  • ROAR houses restoration/instruction and publication of book
  • Morse Well commemoration, 1997-2002
  • 1733 Canyon, restoration, rehabilitation, ownership, mid-1980s
  • Highland School, 1973, ownership and rehabilitation
  • Boulder Theatre, 1976, brief ownership and easements
  • Preserving the Mount St. Gertrude Academy, Boulder
  • Ensuring that downtown Boulder and the Hillside neighborhood received historic designation
  • University Hill Historic District designation, assist and advisory to City, 2002
  • Mapleton Hill
  • Sunrise Amphitheater renovation, 2002
  • Renovation and designation of the Columbia Cemetery, 1995-95

Historic Boulder’s mission is carried out by its Board of Directors and staff.


 Historic Boulder's Mission

Historic Boulder is dedicated to the preservation of the Boulder area's historical, architectural, visual and environmental heritage through advocacy, education, intervention and alliance building. 

Historic Boulder:

  • SAVES significant buildings and protects historic neighborhoods;
  • EDUCATES through tours, seminars and other events;
  • DIRECTS hands-on projects and demonstrates how-to techniques;
  • INFLUENCES public policy by advising city and county boards;
  • FORMS ALLIANCES with other organizations to protect significant structures and visual landmarks;
  • LOOKS TO THE FUTURE through its Endowment Fund.
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